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Economics is not A4 and the same for everyone. Although we are different, finances are something we all have to deal with. Some people find it difficult, others have it as a hobby.

We believe that those who suffer financially will soon suffer in life. That's why we want to share our best tips and advice on how to have the best possible relationship with your finances.


What kind of relationship do you have with your finances?

Are you good friends with your finances? Or do you have a more strained relationship? Are there things that are difficult to talk about? Could you benefit from bringing someone else into the conversation? A friend, lover, colleague? Or is it the case that you prefer to keep your finances to yourself?

Many people have a very personal relationship with their finances, and find it difficult to talk to others about money.

In any case, what is absolutely certain is that it is wise to be aware of your relationship with finances, and perhaps think a little about what you are good at and what you do not have complete control over. Get an overview, take control, and you won't have to worry in everyday life.

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It may be a good idea to talk to a good friend about finances, especially when things are difficult. Friends want you well, and perhaps the friendship can become even stronger by sharing things that are personal.

Economy in the relationship

Hidden costs in relationships are one of a number of reasons why people contact Kraft Bank for help.

- We often see families struggling because one person in the relationship has had total responsibility for the finances. He/she loses control over consumption and covers unpaid bills with more credit and consumer loans. Often the partner does not get to know anything until a letter arrives from the bailiff and they risk losing the house. It is clear that it is a big burden for those concerned, says Anita, senior advisor at Kraft Bank.

Read more about Anita's tips for good financial control. 

Other regulars are divorce, renovation or illness. In addition, some struggle with the fact that they incur tax debts when they run their own company. They raise unsecured debt and bail on the company in an attempt to avoid bankruptcy.

Anita helps people with financial problems.

5 tips for good financial control

Get better control in the online bank. 

We spend money differently today than just a few years ago. Many of us use credit cards for all purchases and buy goods online with a 30-day payment deadline. Not everyone finds it as easy to keep control of. 

We are supporters of making things simple and divide what you need to think about in the online bank into money in and money out. Salary or other income is income. Everything else is out.

- Here it is important that we remember that credit cards are also cash out. Many forget that credit is also a loan that must be repaid in the same way as all other invoices, points out Anita Sørhus, senior advisor at Kraft Bank.  

Have you lost track? Read about how you can regain control in the article: Get control in the online bank at 1-2-3.

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The economy in the toddler phase can also present challenges.

Family finances

It is not easy to be the parent who has to say no to the children when you cannot afford what you feel others can afford. It leads to worries in everyday life that steal your energy. We believe in setting the list lower for ourselves, and will therefore come up with some tips on how you can make your child's birthday a slightly more stress-free affair. Read our tips for a more affordable child's birthday.

Do you think it is difficult to know what to do during the holidays? Not everyone can afford to go abroad several times a year, or even at all. Fortunately, there are an incredible number of fun activities that you can come up with at home too! Read more about our tips for the autumn holidays and if you need more, we have tips for the winter holidays too!

What are your financial habits?

Do you have a conscious relationship with where your money goes and what you get back for it? Everyday life flies by and we can recognize ourselves in not always thinking about where the money goes. 

Regardless of whether you have a goal of saving money or paying off extra debt, it can be worthwhile to take a look at what triggers your spending. Using this 5-step model , you can find a way to break out of bad financial habits. If you have other habits you want to break, it may be interesting to know that this model is often used when quitting nicotine. 

What are consumer loans and how to get rid of them?
Bills and debt collection notices
More expensive electricity. More expensive foods. More expensive to live.


Life does not always turn out as we have imagined. Breakups can be tough and unexpected, while others have been discussed for a long time. Common to all breakups is that the finances you once had in common must be split up, and that is not always easy. 

In our article on finances in a breakup , you can read what is important to think about and find out when you separate. 

When life takes an unexpected change

In addition to breakups, there are several changes in life that will affect your finances. Perhaps you have been affected by an illness which means that you cannot work as before, perhaps you have been made redundant or had to take a step down which means reduced income.

Our advice to you who are in such a situation is to try to get an overview of your finances, so that you know where you might run into problems. Here you can read more about how to go about cleaning and get a good overview.

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