Kraft Bank ASA processes your personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Act and related regulations. In addition, the bank has its own set of privacy rules and handles personal data in accordance with the current license from the Norwegian Data Protection Authority.

If no other legal basis exists, the bank's processing will be based on voluntary, express and informed consent from the customer. Consent is not required, for example, for personal data that is registered and used to carry out an agreement or carry out an assignment from the customer.

1. What types of personal data do we collect?

The following information are examples of what Kraft Bank ASA can collect:

  • Identification information
  • Contact information
  • Financial information
  • Statutory information

2. Where do we collect your information from?

The information Kraft Bank AS collects about you will mainly be collected directly from you in connection with your contact with the bank about either taking out credit or establishing a deposit account.

In addition, at and before establishing a customer relationship, we will obtain information from third parties. These third parties could, for example, be the following:

  • Publicly available sources/registers
  • Company registers
  • Crime-fighting authorities
  • Sanction lists
  • Social Media
  • Agents
  • Credit reporting agencies

3. For what purposes is the personal data used?

Kraft Bank ASA will use your personal data to fulfill the obligations that the bank has undertaken to carry out agreements with you, as well as the administration of your customer relationship - including invoicing.

Kraft Bank ASA may process the personal data for marketing purposes if it is necessary to safeguard a legitimate interest that outweighs the consideration of your privacy.

Kraft Bank ASA will process credit information and other personal information in connection with the establishment and use of systems for calculating capital requirements and credit risk.

Furthermore, Kraft Bank ASA will process personal data for the purpose of preventing, detecting and solving criminal offences. In such cases, the bank may be obliged to obtain information and hand over information to other banks, financial institutions, the police and other public authorities. Kraft Bank ASA is also required to report suspicious information and transactions to Økokrim v/the unit for financial intelligence (EFE). In accordance with the Personal Data Act and the Money Laundering Act, you do not have the right of access to the information Kraft Bank ASA has registered in relation to these purposes.

4. To whom can we disclose your personal data?

In the event that your personal data is shared with others, it will always be in accordance with the rules on confidentiality that Kraft Bank ASA is subject to. If certain tasks are to be processed by others, but on behalf of Kraft Bank ASA, and the performance of these tasks requires your personal data to be sent, a data processing agreement will have been entered into between Kraft Bank ASA and the provider of the service.

5. Legal basis for processing

The purpose of Kraft Bank ASA's processing of personal data is customer administration, financial advice, invoicing in line with the agreements we have entered into with you. In addition, we process personal data as part of our fulfillment of the legal and regulatory requirements to which the bank is subject.

6. What are your rights?

You can send an access request to Kraft Bank ASA at any time. This request will provide insight into the data we have stored about you, including information you have provided, information we have obtained from external sources and information about the processing of the information.

Kraft Bank ASA has established its own routines for deleting data. We will delete or anonymise registered personal data when the purpose of the individual processing has been fulfilled. This is unless the information must or can be stored beyond this as a result of legislation.

If you feel that Kraft Bank ASA is storing your personal data unlawfully, you have the right to request that it be deleted.

7. Contact information

If you have any questions, you can contact us at