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Kraft bank wants to make your visit to our website as good as possible. That is why we use information cookies, also called cookies.

A cookie, also called a cookie, is a file that your browser receives from a website. The file is stored on your computer or mobile device and sent to the website each time you visit it. Cookies do not identify you personally and are not harmful. It helps websites remember information about previous visits and leads to a better experience because it can be used to tailor websites to each individual user.

  • The purpose of cookies is to adapt the content displayed on our website, so that it is as relevant as possible to you. The information we collect in connection with the use of the website may in certain cases be combined with information from your other customer relationship.

You decide for yourself whether you want to allow the use of cookies.

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For more information on how to change the settings for cookies, you must look up information about your own browser on the provider's website, for example for Safari or for Chrome.

Information about the types of cookies used on the website and a little about how they are used:

Session cookies (temporary cookies)

These cookies are used to store information temporarily during one session, and are deleted when you close your browser. Temporary cookies make it possible to monitor how users navigate around the website, so that they are not asked to provide the same information several times.

Form cookies (Form value cookies)

These cookies store information temporarily until the user has filled in the form. The stored data is only used to re-enter the information in the form if the user does not pass the SPAM check or has not filled in the required fields in the form.

Persistent cookies

Permanent cookies are not deleted after the end of the browsing session and allow the website to recognize your computer. These may, for example, contain information about authentication, language settings and menu preferences. Permanent cookies can be deleted manually in the browser under the privacy settings.

By using our website, you are deemed to consent to our use of cookies as described above.