Financial first aid

Life is unpredictable. Losing control is easier than you think.

The start is usually that a bill is left behind and then a reminder comes. For many, this is already uncomfortable. A reminder costs you extra, but beyond that it has no major consequences.

A forgotten bill becomes a dunning notice or demand for payment. If you forget it, the next step is a debt collection notice. A notice becomes a debt collection claim and before you know it, you have been summoned to the Conciliation Council. If you don't show up there, the road is short to a payment notice, attachment proceedings and, in the last resort; forced sale of housing.

By refinancing expensive debt into a new mortgage, your financial situation can become more predictable.

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Financial advice

Are you good friends with your finances, or do you have a more strained relationship? Are there things that are difficult to talk about? Could you benefit from bringing someone else into the conversation, a friend, your lover, or a colleague? Perhaps it is the case that you prefer to keep your finances to yourself?

In any case, what is absolutely certain is that it is wise to be aware of your relationship with finances and perhaps think a little about what you are good at and what you do not have complete control over. Get an overview and take control, so you don't have to worry about everyday life.

We address everyday issues and give tips and advice on small and large things that can be useful to most people, whether the balance on the account has a plus or minus in front of it. Maybe there will be fewer minuses and more pluses going forward?

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Have money in a current account with a low deposit rate?

We offer good conditions for those who have ample finances and want to place the money in a safe and predictable high-interest account.

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Have you invested in Kraft Bank? Keep up to date with how we're doing in our Investor Relations section. There we publish reports, webinars and other things that may be useful to you.

You can also sign up for updates from us, and get an email every time we have something new to say.

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