Financial help in the event of a break-up


A breakup is sometimes something that happens suddenly and unexpectedly. But it can also be planned and discussed between the parties over a longer period of time.

The process of breaking up can be characterized by many emotions and give an experience of an unclear future. There may be feelings towards the partner with whom you are breaking up, close family, friends and children. It is therefore not surprising that planning the economy comes a bit second or third. 

Here we will give you some tips on what you must have an overview of.

Two people illustrating a couple having a difficult conversation in connection with a breakup
Breakups can be difficult, so it can often be good to talk to someone else about the difficult things.

Find answers to: -Do you have joint or separate property?

If no separate agreements have been entered into between the spouses regarding the property arrangement, the main rule is that spouses have joint ownership (external link: Co-ownership occurs automatically when the parties marry. In the absence of agreements, all the assets both owners will enter into joint ownership.

Most often, the motive for agreeing on separate property will be to avoid equal division in the event of a divorce. An agreement on separate property must be entered into in the form of a prenuptial agreement, and can include either all assets or only parts of a spouse's assets. Separate ownership means that assets are not subject to equal division, and, as mentioned at the outset, will only have significance in the event of the termination of the marriage through divorce or death.

If you are cohabiting and have not entered into a cohabitation agreement, then the starting point is that the values in the event of a breakup are to be divided based on which of the parties has acquired what. Items that the cohabitants have acquired together will be considered to be owned by both parties, either with 50% each, or with another fraction based on the individual cohabitant's contribution to the acquisition.

It is important to get an overview of this before or during a break-up. 

Find out: Which values should be shared?

  • What values do you own individually and possibly together?
  • What debts do you have individually and possibly jointly?

If you have a complicated economy with many assets and complex debts, it is a good idea to seek help in the process so that there is a fair distribution.

Seek help for fair solutions

Unfortunately, we experience many customers who have gone through a break-up where the process was done quickly to shorten a difficult time. Then there are often poor solutions that have been chosen for one of the parties, and which make it difficult to have a tidy economy afterwards.

Our advice is therefore to seek help before or as the process starts, so that someone who is emotionally on the outside can contribute to good and fair solutions for both parties.

It is also important not to use short-term financial solutions (such as consumer loans or credit cards), without having a clear and feasible plan for how these solutions are to be met.

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