Shopping for Christmas presents with a credit card?


Most people want to be able to give their family and other close friends gifts for Christmas. This of course also applies to those who may themselves be in difficult financial times.

This makes it tempting to take advantage of credit cards and other forms of payment deferral. If you manage to steer clear, the chances are for an easier start to the New Year. 

Christmas presents under the tree

Here are some tips on how to avoid shopping on credit.

Start by making a Christmas gift list with the names of everyone you're buying for.

Decide on a sum you want to spend on each person and work out how much you will spend in total.

Consider whether you need to start setting aside money for gifts now, or whether half tax in December will cover your expenses.

Keep a good record. Check off each time you've bought a gift on a shared note on your phone so you know how many you have left.

Set a specific time to finish your list, so you don't have to rush right before Christmas Eve.

Don't wait too long, as the risk of buying more expensive gifts on credit is higher.

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