Get an overview of your finances - do a credit check yourself!


Are there more letters on the counter at home that you just glance over and, well, don't really want to look at? You might think there's no solution. But it doesn't have to be that way!  

To get an overview of your situation, you can do a credit check on yourself. Find out how much you owe, whether you have any debt collection cases and whether these cases have turned into payment remarks. 

We'll walk you through where to find the information you need.  

And hey, it's completely free to run a credit check on yourself. Be wary if a website asks you to pay for the service. 

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The debt register 

The debt register provides information on unsecured debts, such as consumer loans and lines of credit such as credit cards. You will also see the interest rate you have and whether you have interest-bearing debt. Remember, a bank will count a credit line as debt, even if you have not used the credit. You may therefore want to cancel any credit cards you do not use. Please note that the debt register does not show you claims that have gone to debt collection.

Debt collection cases 

If you suspect that you have bills that have gone to debt collection, you can contact the debt collection agencies to see if they have opened a case against you.

You can also log in to Inkassoregisteret ( There you will find information from most debt collection companies. Please note that not all debt collection companies send information here.

If you want to check all debt collection companies, visit has set up a template for how to proceed.

Payment remarks  

To check if you have a payment remark registered against you, you can log in with BankID at the credit reference agencies Bisnode and Experian.

There you will also find information about your income, recent credit checks and forced mortgages on property, among other things. 

A payment default can make it difficult for you to take out more loans, take out insurance, create a subscription, etc. In all situations where it is natural for someone to check your credit rating, a payment record will usually mean that you will be rejected. You can read more about the credit rating process here.

The way forward 

It can be difficult to move forward with your finances if you have a payment history. Most 'normal' banks refuse to give new loans to people with a bad payment history because it is too risky.  

For us, a payment record is no obstacle to refinancing with residential property as collateral. We pay off your creditors and you get a fresh new loan. Together we will draw up a plan for how to get your finances back under control and eventually move your loan back to a "normal" bank. Read more about refinancing here.

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