Can I get rid of a payment notice?


Many people are refused new loans or purchases on credit because of payment defaults.

Many people do not know that they have a payment default until the bank makes them aware of it, for example in the event of a refusal. Fortunately, there is a way to get rid of payment remarks.


When do you get a payment remark?

A payment remark is a remark registered against you as an individual for an unsettled debt collection case, if you have a wage deduction, an attachment, a court order or are bankrupt. If you have any of the above, you will have a payment remark.

The payment default is registered with credit reference agencies such as Experian and Soliditet, and will often contribute to weakening your creditworthiness.

Banks, credit card companies and most people selling something on credit will check against the credit reference agencies if you apply for credit. This will give them details of your payment history and will often result in you being automatically refused the loan you want.

How to get rid of a payment default

If you pay the debt owed to you by a creditor, the payment reminder will also be deleted. If you are unable to pay it yourself, but are able to use your own or someone else's property as collateral, you can apply for refinancing. We will then pay off your creditors, delete your payment record and give you a fresh new loan, often with better conditions than you had before.

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