Tips for a less expensive child's birthday party


We recognise that children's birthdays can be an expensive affair. 

Is it really necessary to book the birthday at a playground or a trampoline park, order a three-storey Elsa or Spiderman cake for the child to have an unforgettable celebration?

We've come up with a list of alternative birthday celebrations that don't have to cost too much.

Children playing outside

Birthday at home:

Assuming that the birthday is to be celebrated at home, you may want to consider how many people to invite. If you have a small apartment, it may not be necessary to squeeze in a whole class.


Look for offers in stores like Europris or Nille . You can save a lot on decorations, napkins, balloons and other party supplies.


Does your little one have a special theme they want? If you have a My Little Pony fan who wants a horse theme, use inexpensive pastel balloons and napkins instead of more expensive things with pictures on them. Involve your child and try to find creative ways to decorate for less money.

If your child loves Minecraft, a brown tablecloth and green napkins are great. Maybe you have some cardboard boxes left over that you can paint and make blocks out of?


Children are keen to play and very rarely sit at the table for long. Make something quick and easy. Sausage in bread, pizza or tacos can be great for the little ones. For children who are old enough to make their own food, it's great to make their own polar bread pizza with their favourite ingredients.

Remember, kids don't mind a little spillage, so take a few deep breaths and let it go.

Cakes can also be made in-house, children rarely care whether the cake is bought or homemade. Many kids love fruit and will often eat more if it is cut up or dressed up in a fun way.


Remember the old classics of whispering and charades? They're just as fun for kids today as they were when we were kids. They also require minimal planning and space.

Birthday out:

A good option is to celebrate the birthday outside. Then you don't have to worry so much about the number of people.

Most people have a hiking or outdoor area nearby. Hiking areas that have bonfire pits or fire pits can be a good place to stay if the weather is not at its best.


You may want to find a barbecue or fire pit. Examples of barbecue food could be hot dogs, marshmallow, stick bread and other foods that can be grilled. Anything that can be grilled on a stick is great!

To avoid spills in your backpack, cakepops, lefse and fruit are examples of good desserts.


There are many great games and activities that can be done in nature. Some examples could be for children to find different things in the forest, ticking off a list with pictures of what they will find. The first person to find it can get a prize. Treasure hunts, where you hide several things in nature and let the children find them, are also fun. Ropes courses and obstacle courses are also great activities that you and your child can plan together.

Does your child still want to celebrate their birthday at playland? How about checking with other children in the class/nursery who also have a birthday in the same time period? Create a joint celebration. It will be cheaper to celebrate together because more parents can share the bill.

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