What is an expense deduction?


When a debt collection case goes too far, it can often lead to an attachment of earnings. Your employer is then required to deduct your salary and pay it directly to your creditors. 

Does the employer need to know about expense deductions?

Yes, your employer will be notified that you will be deducted from your salary and how much will be deducted. Your employer is required to make payroll deductions to your creditor.

How much can I be deducted from my salary?

To find out how much the creditor can deduct from your salary, the amount of money you need to live on is calculated. In other words, how much you need to pay a mortgage, electricity, food, child support and so on. After this comes the creditors' claims. You can find more information about the current rates for living expenses here (regjeringen.no).

Can you have multiple expense deductions at the same time?

Yes, you can have several expenses deducted at the same time. The amount that can be deducted at the same time depends on how much money it has been decided that you need for living expenses. Anything left over goes to your creditors, if any. If you do not have enough money left to pay all claims against you at the same time, the claims will be queued.

While the claims are queued up, interest usually accrues and the claim gets bigger before you have time to pay it. We therefore strongly recommend that you try to find a solution with the creditor and pay the claim if you can.

We often see that people with an attachment of earnings do not have an overview of how much they owe. Sometimes they are unaware of several hundred thousand kroner. And this is because they think they are paying down their debts with an attachment of earnings, while in reality only debts that are waiting to be paid are increasing.

Where can I find an overview of my expenses?

You can find an overview of garnishments by logging in to Brønnøysundregistrene (brreg.no) and checking your encumbrances. You can also check what payment remarks you have by logging in to credit information agencies such as Experian (minexperian.no) and Dun&Bradstreet (soliditet.no)

How can I stop expenses being deducted?

To stop the deduction, you must pay the claim against you. Either by continuing the wage deduction until you have settled the claim, or by paying the entire claim.

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