What does it mean to refinance with a mortgage?


Do you own a home that you can use as collateral? Then you can often replace your existing expensive loan with a new loan secured on your home.


The interest rate is likely to be much lower than what you're paying today, and you'll only have one loan to keep track of.

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When your loans are merged into one, it is called refinancing.

If you don't own a home or real estate yourself, perhaps you have someone who can help you put up their property as collateral for a period of time?

This is how refinancing with secured housing at Kraft Bank works:

  1. When you apply for refinancing with us, we carry out a thorough analysis of your situation.
  2. We then draw up a tailored financial plan for a better future.
  3. Our aim is for you to be in control of your own finances as soon as possible and to be able to apply for normal financing.

At Kraft Bank, we will only make you an offer if we can create a solution for you that is better than what you had before. Get control of your finances, get in touch.

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