Why choose eInvoice?


An e-invoice is an invoice that is sent and received electronically to your online bank or payment app such as Vipps.

There are many advantages to eInvoices.


  • The invoice is completed.
  • No long KID number.
  • You can change the due date, amount and debit account.
  • Better overview and control of your bills.


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Advisers at Kraft Bank.

How do I get an eInvoice?

You will automatically receive eInvoices from all companies that offer it, directly in your daily online banking or payment app. If you want eFaktura, go to your online bank and click (Yes please to all) or (Always eFaktura), depending on which bank you use. You cannot approve eFaktura via Kraft Bank. You must go into your regular online bank to pay it yourself.

If you have more questions about eInvoices, you can read more on the eInvoice website.

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