How can I check up on a payment notice?


To find out if you have received a payment notice, we recommend that you check for free with a credit information agency such as Experian or Soliditet/ Bisnode . 

There you will find information about what you own, your income, tax, encumbrances and payment notes.  

A payment notice is a notice registered to you as a person for an outstanding debt collection case. When your creditor goes to court to collect money in the form of, for example, salary deductions or mortgage payments, you will receive a payment notice.  

To make it easy, we explain below where you can find the information you are looking for on both websites. We reserve the right that the pages may have changed.  



Log in with BankID at and click on the "personal credit information" tab . There you will be able to find information about your possible payment remarks. You will also find information about your salary and tax level here. 


Go to and log in with BankID. When you have logged in, you choose to see more about "My information." To check if you have any payment notes, select the “Payment experience” tab.

Remember: it's completely free to check information about yourself. You don't need to pay anyone to know if you have payment notes or not.  

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