Autumn holidays that don't have to cost the earth


The autumn holiday is the one that can often come a bit suddenly. You're just getting started with all the daily routines and it can be a bit difficult to find something to do.

So we've put together some suggestions on what to do and where to find inspiration for activities that don't have to cost too much. 

Family walking in the forest in autumn

Going out never sour

If you want to take the family out on a mountain hike, we recommend checking out the tourist association or Here you will find many hiking tips around the country and great tips on what to do. If you need some hiking equipment or clothes, but can't afford to buy, you should check out They have lots of different things you can borrow for free.

It can also be fun to visit museums or visiting farms especially for families. has a very good overview of what you can find at farms and museums around the country.

You don't always have to go on holiday

Sometimes it can also be extra nice to just stay at home, especially if the autumn rain is pouring down. How about playing some board games or cards with the family? Or have a movie marathon, put duvets and mattresses down in the living room, pop popcorn and other goodies.

Other activities that can also be fun to do indoors are making things with the kids. How about making homemade decorations? Find some autumn leaves, pine cones and branches outside, these can be used to make lots of different cosy decorations around the home. Examples include picture frames, wall decorations, ceramic bowls, wreaths, or even make something for Halloween if you're celebrating it. The only limit is your imagination.


Winter and autumn holidays can be relatively similar in some parts of the country.

Also check out our affordable winter holiday tips.

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