Tips for free winter holiday activities with the family


Running out of money for holiday activities? 

Know that you can make memories with your family without using up your savings. We've listed some ideas for you.

A parent and child playing together in the snow

Go fishing

Is there a small chance that there's a fishing rod in the shed? Dust yourself off and go fishing! Westerners can visit the coast. Are you lucky enough to have freezing temperatures and nice weather? Then ice fishing can be a great alternative. Just remember to dress well, because fishing in February is cold stuff.

Visit the skate park

More and more cities are seeing the value of providing skate parks for their citizens. Here, young and old can try their hand at a new hobby! Anything on wheels works: Scooters, skateboards and bicycles. Get your tricks on!


Got snow during the winter holidays? Head to a new, big hill and enjoy the day! Pack a snack and a mat, find a warm spot in the sun and get a taste of Easter.

Borrow free ski equipment

You don't have to spend money on new skiing equipment to enjoy yourself on the slopes - you can borrow it for free from companies all over Norway. Check with Bua and the Church City Mission, for example. You can find out more about offers in your municipality by searching online.

Explore the local area

You can make new discoveries, even if it's not far from home. If you need inspiration for new walks in your area, check out There you will find tips for walks throughout the country and you can check the level of difficulty. If you want to walk with children, you can get them involved by collecting pine cones or special leaves. Try turning it into a competition! Who can find the most pine cones?

Visit your summer places

Summer resort in winter, eh? Yes. Visit places in winter that you otherwise know from summer. Often you will have a positive and very different experience in familiar places. How about a trip to your favourite beach?

Organise a treasure hunt

Do it in the garden or in the forest. It takes a bit of effort in digging down a little surprise and drawing a map, but it's something anyone can do. The level of difficulty is up to you! 

Eat dinner outside

Have the winter holidays at home and want to add variety to your days? Eat dinner outside, even if it's cold! Grill sausages on a fire or have hot dogs in a hot thermos, for example.

Create home cinema

Winter holidays don't necessarily mean nice weather. Bring the outdoor fun inside. Why not make a home cinema with popcorn and a new family film?

Play board games

You probably have them on a shelf or in a cupboard. When was the last time you used them?

Do nothing

Holidays can often lead to unprecedented activity pressure. Know that it's perfectly fine to do nothing or to not make plans. Doing nothing is highly underrated. Allow yourself to relax and to think about everything or... nothing.

Create winter holiday programmes

If you want to have a week packed with content, which you would like to present to others: Create a winter holiday program. This will prepare you for a week of activities (feel free to have a day with nothing on the schedule too), and then you can present it to your family as the winter holidays approach. Looking forward to an activity or event is half the fun!


We hope you found some activities for your winter holidays! We know that holidays can often be expensive, so it's important for us to point out that they don't have to be. Your presence is much more important than expensive spending on playgrounds, water parks and other countries. It also has a much greater value for your family than a consumer loan would. Enjoy your planning!

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