Four apps that can make it easier and save.


Need help getting started with your savings?

Then a savings app might be something you should consider. We've taken a look at four popular apps that can make saving easier and more fun.


This app is a financial management platform that is bank-independent. It works across accounts. It easily shows you how much money you spend and gives you tips on where to save.


This is an app from Storebrand that focuses on saving or paying down debt. You can also set automatic deductions called "the thief" which deducts small sums every month.


This app is for those who want to do a credit check on themselves. It also shows you which loans you have and gives you recommendations on which ones you should get rid of.

Food offers.

Food is often the easiest item to reduce and save on. The Food Offers app brings together the offers from grocery stores around the country, making it easier for you to plan where to shop for the best value.

Need tips to change your financial bad habits?

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