What is a debt arrangement?


A debt settlement is established when we want to avoid situations where people end up as debt slaves for life. It is a way to get out of an impossible financial situation where no bank can help. Your problems must mean that you are "permanently unable" (domstol.no) to service your debts and obligations for you to be eligible for debt settlement.

What do we mean by 'permanent incapacity'? If you are permanently unable to service your debt, it means that you will not be able to pay the debt for several years. Permanent does not necessarily mean forever.

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With debt settlement, you live on a minimum amount of money

A debt settlement is based on a minimum amount of money you need to live on. The rest of your income must be used to pay off your debts. For a period of normally 5 years, you must therefore live on a very low amount. The advantage is that any debt remaining after the end of the period will be cancelled if you have complied with the obligations of the scheme.

What would it take to get such an arrangement?

First, you should try to establish a voluntary debt settlement yourself by contacting the people you owe money to and trying to reach an agreement with them. If this fails, you can apply for debt settlement to the bailiff (namsmannen) in your municipality. If you have expensive assets or property, you will often have to sell these or move to cheaper accommodation.

Are you considering debt settlement?

If you are considering debt settlement, you can contact us at Kraft Bank and see if it is possible to get help. If we are unable to find a solution, we can help you to contact the people you should contact in your municipality.

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